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Xiamen Xincheng Materials is a waste recycling company specializing in industrial waste recycling, processing and reuse. Long-term recycling of waste copper, aluminum, waste stainless steel, waste iron, waste machinery, waste plastic and other renewable resources. Adhere to the "integrity management, fair and just" management approach, using home-made purchases, cash payments. Recycling items:
Scrap copper recycling: copper, copper, yellow phosphorous copper, motor copper, galvanized copper, copper scraps, copper wire, purple phosphorous copper, bright copper, and copper shavings.

Waste stainless steel recycling: stainless steel recycling, stainless steel recycling

Scrap aluminum recycling: A large number of waste aluminum is recycled, aluminum wires are purchased, raw aluminum is purchased, engineering blast aluminum is purchased, miscellaneous aluminum is purchased, aluminum alloy is purchased, aluminum scraps are purchased.
Recycling of scrap steel: Recycling scrap steel, purchasing galvanized steel, the prices of steel plates, steel concentrates, scrap iron, stainless steel, channel steel, etc. that can be used can be higher.
Our company is more professional, more standardized, we strive to be more customer-oriented, I believe that our service will definitely bring more convenience to everyone's life and work! Looking forward to your call!
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