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    • Long-term high-price on-site recycling of various waste materials and equipment

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    • Release Date: 2019-4-28

    Shenzhen Pengcheng Waste Recycling Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional waste recycling enterprise in Baoan District, located in Shenzhen Baoan Bay Development Zone, with convenient transportation. Long-term high-price on-site recycling of various waste materials and equipment. Recycling is reasonably priced, keeps promises, cash transactions, safe and fast, and keeps secrets strictly for customers. Factories and individuals who have scrap copper, tin slag, circuit boards, gold-plated waste, silver-plated waste, waste IC, PCBA, electronic parts, and electronic feet are welcome to contact to discuss recycling matters. We can provide generous business commissions (commissions) to the interest providers. In addition, we also recycle all kinds of electronic recycling, used electrical appliances, inventory backlogs, and various materials purchases; recycling of gold-plated circuit boards; recycling of pcb boards; recycling of scrap equipment; recycling of used electronic products; recycling of electronic waste; recycling of distribution cabinets; Recycling transformers; Recycling waste electricity meters; Recycling hardware materials; Recycling waste plastic materials; Recycling various transformers (switches, mobile phone boards, servers, electronic testing instruments); Recycling electronic ICs; Recycling various chips; Recycling circuit boards; Recycling UPS power supplies; Recycling tin slag; recycling waste metal wire; recycling large mechanical molds; recycling waste communication equipment. Welcome to inquire! Business phone: 13570847893

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