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December 20, Hebei Xingtai Baixiang Huaxing Paper Waste Paper Purchase Price

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Hebei Xingtai Baixiang Huaxing Paper (from December 19) raised the price of waste paper by 50-30 yuan / ton. After the adjustment, the ticket price will be brought to the factory: the yellow board content is 100 00 yuan / ton, 95 50 yuan / ton. More than 85% of the supermarket board is 1750 yuan / ton, the content is 60% -80%, 1480 yuan- 1680 yuan, the quality requirements are clean and free of impurities, which can not meet the requirements of artificial doping to degrade false deduction. In addition, please inform the packing station that it is strictly forbidden to carry wet bags, paper tubes, wood grain paper, wall paper, oil paper, waste paper from the factory, bricks and stones, and garbage that cannot be made of paper. , Heavy deduction point processing, enlarging 50% of the deduction point of the starting box is not allowed to return. In the past few days, the quality of most suppliers has improved. I hope to persist for a long time, but there are still a few people who are not good enough. I hope all suppliers will pay attention to it. Thank you for your cooperation.
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