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January 6th domestic waste plastic market summary

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January 06 Market Morning Comment: PVC Early Comment: It is expected that the market price will remain weak today

The market was mainly lowered last Friday, with a reduction of 30-60 yuan / ton. Recently, there is no overhaul in the enterprise, and only some enterprises have reduced their production due to device problems. Downstream transactions were just needed, and market transactions were light. Market reference: Zhengzhou market offers remain weak. The calcium carbide type 5 material does not include taxes. The mainstream price is about 6350 yuan / ton. The Guangzhou market offer is stable. The mainstream quotation for ordinary calcium carbide is 7200-7220 yuan / ton. The Hangzhou market price is lowered. , Type 5 calcium carbide range 6750-6950.

January 06 Market Morning Review: PE Early Review: Market Price Fluctuations Are Limited

The market conditions were generally stable last Friday, with some small fluctuations. Driven by the rise of international crude oil, linear futures fluctuated higher and lacked guidance. Most traders have a general mentality and follow the market operation while watching. Although there was no significant improvement in downstream demand, the firm transaction was still maintained. Market reference: Zhengzhou market quotes, Daqing 5000S reported 7800 yuan / ton; Xiamen market prices, Fujian 7042 reported 7350 yuan / ton; Changzhou market quotes, Yangba 2426H reported 8250 yuan / ton.

January 06 Market Morning Comment: PS Early Comment: Weak market consolidation is expected today

The market was basically stable last Friday, with individual losses. Negotiable orders. The wait-and-see mood of industry players is strong, and the market inquiry atmosphere is average. Some supply shortages have eased somewhat, the market is generally buying gas, downstream companies take goods on demand, and transactions have shrunk significantly. Market reference: The quotation in Shantou market fell steadily, SKG-118 reported 8400 yuan / ton; individual quotations in Ningbo market fell, CITIC 525 reported 9,000 yuan / ton, and Scibolong 525 reported 9050 yuan / ton.

January 06 morning market review: PP early review: market prices still have downward pressure

The market was still weak last Friday and prices were partially reduced. At the beginning of the month, the ex-factory prices of petrochemicals were mostly lowered, and the support role of cost was obviously weakened. In addition, the approaching year was close, and traders were generally enthusiastic about operations. The downstream factories did not receive much change in receiving goods, and continued to purchase on demand to maintain normal production. Market reference: The Beijing market fell slightly, Yanshan K8303 reported 9500 yuan / ton; Shanghai market partly lowered, Ningbo Heyuan (Fude) T30S reported 7650 yuan / ton; Shunde market slightly lowered, Maoming EPS30R reported 8550 yuan / ton.

January 06 Market Morning Comment: ABS Morning Comment: It is expected that the market price will decline steadily today

The market price did not change much last Friday, and some continued to maintain a negative decline. Business confidence in the market outlook is still insufficient, and the bearish atmosphere is relatively strong. Market demand continues to be general, and merchants have difficulty transacting. Market reference: Dongguan's quotation fell steadily, with Taiwan's 757 reported at 11,650 yuan / ton; the Ningbo market's quotation fluctuated, and 0215A reported at 12,200 yuan / ton.

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